3 Reasons why sustainable fashion is so important

3 Reasons why sustainable fashion is so important 

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    Okay first of all let’s get this out of the way – this article is only partly inspired by Greta Thunberg’s performance on Climate Action Summit (ok who am I kidding, it wasn’t just partly – you go girl!). The talk about immense print humanity is living on this planet is getting louder and louder nowadays and caring for our environment becomes a new trend that is turning into synonym of “luxury”. But let's just figure out what sustainable fashion has to do with it and why is it important to know.

Leave it the way you found it

When you come to your friends house you genuinely try to make sure the kitchen wont be on fire when you leave. So why our planet is any different? Humanity is becoming more self aware regarding the impact that our production is causing. That’s why sustainable fashion is a hot topic now – one of the major parts of this idea is to leave as little of a print on environment as possible. It does seem that a single t-shirt is hardly as a huge blow to our planet, but unfortunately it all adds up to a 14.3 mil tons of textile waste in US alone. Only 2.3 mil is recycled. So we’re talking not only small island of synthetic clothing that will be here longer than any of us, we are also talking about the pollution caused by manufacturers and the decreasing amount of drinking water. CO2 levels is huge concern currently as the levels of “greenhouse” gasses is skyrocketing as number of airplanes and cars is rising. Yes, I’m looking at you Dior – flying in plants for fashion show on a private jet for green-inspired fashion show sounds like a bad joke to say the least.

 Sometimes cleaning up your closet the smartest way to shop

Sustainable fashion is fighting off a giant named Fast Shopping and it seems like we have a bit of David and Goliath situation here. The world is changing and the pace that we live at now is crazy and fast fashion just seems to try to catch up with it. But the actual problem is that their goal is to make you come back again and again so the race for lowest prices goes to the extreme sometimes. And the saddest part is that the only losers in this race are our future grand kids as the planet pays the biggest price. The fabrics that wont decompose, the dye that burns through the ground and kills everything on its way etc. List goes on and on. And sometimes even eco-friendly brands have their issues, because just using eco-leather is not enough anymore. For example a Canadian vegan brand Matt and Nat as much as they are truly vegan had a bit of a rough patch some time ago as it’s been discovered that their environmental impact is poorly calculated and majority of the bags are made from PVC which is actually pretty harmful to the involvement all through the life span and is actually can be toxic to humans.


  Devil not always wears Prada, sometimes its sweater made by underpaid workers

Most of workers who are employed on the big name brand factories are drastically underpaid and overworked. Many of you probably would remember an eight-story factory that collapsed in Dhaka, Bangladesh in 2013 leaving 1.134 people dead and hundreds injured. The cracks in the foundation were reported, but factory workers were still forced to come to work even after the building was branded unsafe. Situation hasn’t changed much since than, tragedies still happen, people still work in ungodly conditions and for unbelievably low pay, The lowest pay for a textile worker is 95$ a month. Some person out there is working for a pay that roughly equals 21 cups of grande pumpkin spice latte – that's all you need to know.

The topic itself might still seem a bit controversial, but here at Dark Mariposa we are sure that in about 15 years it would be common knowledge. So we are living by this rules now and we are encouraging you to join us, because the only thing better than shopping is shopping with clear conscience. If buying less of cheaper and more of higher quality clothing can change the world – why wouldn't we try it?


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