Vegan Leather and Sustainability

At Dark Mariposa we use only high quality vegan leather and we have a particular reason for that. The concept of a garter belt or a body harness is not new and the product traditionally was almost always made with genuine leather. We would like to change this tendency and use faux leather instead as we believe that any modern business should be sustainable and cruelty free. 

It's not a secret that over the past hundred years, as a society, we caused excessive damage to our environment to the point it's almost irreversible. That's why in this modern era it is so important to become more conscious of the impact we are making on our planet. Our world is constantly changing and we should change with it by giving up old-fashioned habits that are negatively affect our future and implement new eco-friendly sustainable concepts to every area of our lives. 

As a leather accessory brand in the 21st century we believe that we should be a part of this ongoing movement and use only cruelty free vegan materials in all our designs. We use high quality PU leather and recycled materials and constantly improving the quality and sustainability of our brand. Also we believe that giving back to the community is another important part of any modern business this is why we send part of the proceeds to the charity of the customers choice.

Sustainable fashion is sexy and Dark Mariposa is a perfect example of it.