6 Reasons Why You Need Body Harness In Your Life This Season

 6 Reasons Why You Need Body Harness In Your Life This Season 

and All Seasons to Come 

This leather accessory stormed into a world fashion in the 70s and since then it has become a frequent visitor of fashion shows and magazine covers. It started out as military meets BDSM thing and since then the harness might have lost some taboo touch to it but definitely hadn't lost the edge and the dare. So let's get into this and see why we all need some of this figure hugging accessory in our lives.

  1. This love story will last forever – high quality body harnesses are stronger and more long lasting than your regular accessory and it doesn’t wear down as much as basic belts. Also it make a great addition to any closet due to the magical ability to change and give a new meaning to any basic look. And let's be honest the trend itself is as lasting as the piece – its been there in the 80s during Madonna's iconic tour and stayed strong through all that early 2000s madness and is “still standing” to quote iconic Rocketman.

  1. The ultimate fantasy tool. And I am not talking about the things that happen behind the closed doors. Harness does not only looks incredibly cool, it definitely makes you feel the part too. The moment you put it on you can become either Jane Smith from iconic Mr & Mrs Smith or you can travel to the Great Grass Sea alongside the Khaleesi as a fearless dothraki warrior (even though you are just on your regular bus route to work). And list goes on and on starting out with James Bond and Rihanna and finishing with outstanding and bit wild Guinevere played by Keira Knightley alongside unforgettable Mad Max.

  1. It is hot every season Even though body harness was never really out of sight since it first debut, it is making a very loud statement this AW19-20 season in mans fashion. Fashion week is not over yet but it is already clear that minimalistic body harnesses and dress shirts and suits were meant for each other and we are all here for that!

  1. 4. You get a harness, you get a harness, everybody gets a harness! This trend is all inclusive. Harness unlike some other mass market trends is all forgiving and all accepting. You will look stunning in it no mater the size, height, sex or haircut.

  1. 5. The variety. Much like all of us, harness has changed its appearance drastically since the 80s. It went from being BDSM accessory made strictly from natural leather to the hot and “new” instagram trend with many faces. It comes in different shapes, colors and materials and there is The One for everybody whatever style you prefer – from strict classic to I-woke-up-like-this boho.

  1. It's multipurpose! First of all there is just so many different ways to make different statements with different looks with just single harness. And second of all it is there for you when you need that extra hug in your life. And also there is always a possibility of some role playing. I do mean taking over the Seven Kingdoms of course (And maybe some hearts along the way)

In conclusion it would be fare to add that the harness has received and still receiving it's fare share of controversy and dirty looks, like every other thing that is new, fresh and daring. So of course it is up for us to decide is it worth it or maybe not, but remember that we all born naked and the rest drug, so don’t be afraid to be whoever you want to be!

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