Harness - image of perfection.

Up to the second half of the twentieth century, a body harness was exclusively male, military equipment. If a woman would wear it, then, most likely, it would be only on duty in the army. But with the onset of the sexual revolution in the 1970s, leather belts successfully entered the sex industry as an erotic accessory. That is why women's belt for many people is associated primarily with sexual themes.

Designers probably didn’t even suspect what effect such a brutal accessory would have on the public and critics. But it was possible to surprise everyone and even to fall in love with body harnesses. The main idea was the game of contrasts - rough, courageous with tender, a combination of strength and beauty.

It turned out that a recognizable accessory can easily change shapes, colors, materials and methods of attachment. On the runways fashion body harnesses were the most unexpected designs. Somewhere there was an emphasis on the front of the dress, and somewhere decorated only the back. Considerable attention was paid by designers to the styling: in addition to straps, there are instances with intricate weaving, metal rivets, rings, etc.

There has been an important rule for wearing a body harness: it is better to choose clothes for its uniform, without unnecessary details and jewelry. Therefore, the warrior accessory goes well with simple T-shirts, a classic floor-length dress, a sweatshirt, a top, a tunic and a regular blouse without additional ruches and bows. Unlike the real military, a fashion harness has an abundance of colors. When choosing them, you can schedule playing around the contrasts of the dress and accessory, or create their harmonious, solid union.

In addition to bringing into the image a contrast, military style and eroticism, a harness is good and practical. With it, you can tame and give the necessary flexion to shapeless outfits.

Moreover, this interlacing of belts can be used not only on the back and chest, but also on the shoulders, legs, hips, etc. This is a good way to draw attention to the desired part of the body.

No matter how you feel about this accessory, in the fashion world, it took his place pretty confidently.

You may already have the courage to wear this extravagant accessory. It's high time to refresh your regular style with bold images!

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